Simon P. Matthews, MBA | Marketing Strategist

Simon P. Matthews is the founder and CEO of Open Door Media Solutions, a faith-based marketing and creative agency headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, since 2015. He brings over twenty years of leadership, management, and operations experience to the organization. Simon holds an MBA with a concentration in Marketing and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Strategic Leadership (DSL). His professional interests lie in leadership and organizational design. At Open Door Media Solutions, he has helped hundreds of businesses in areas of marketing, education, and strategy. Book a consultation to help determine your next best steps moving forward

Service Description

Our consultations help our clients discover their next best steps through exploration guided by sound marketing and business practices. Our consultations cover both business and marketing topics. We utilize assessment tools to further personalize our solutions for each client.


Our goal is to help our clients improve their chances of success by helping them understand what motivates them, how to set realistic goals and expectations, how to pick the right opportunities to pursue, how to be confident in their course of action, and, just as important when to pivot. We understand that advice of any kind takes time to implement and that obstacles may hinder follow-through. We encourage our clients to stick with it and be open to change, knowing that day-to-day changes can warrant changes in strategy.

Our Process

We typically use a 5 step process that explores the following:
• Aspirations, Vision, and Mission
• Short & Long-term Goals and Objectives
• Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (S.W.O.T)
• Current vs Future State Analysis
• Recommendations

What to expect
• Consultations may last 45-90 mins.
We consider our clients to be subject matter experts in their industry. We can often leverage their expertise and insights to give them an edge over their competitors in marketing.
• Consultations are designed to be collaborative and mutually educational.
• Recommendations are tailored to our client’s needs, capabilities, and goals.

FREE Consultation

Marketing & Business
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$300 Consultation

Marketing & Business
90 min
• In Person
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Tell us about your project

We want to know what you’re up to. Tell us a bit about your project needs (timeline, budget, etc) so we can create a workflow that makes sense to your company needs.