To Play the "Zoe and Ned Game Demo". Please download and play it from either your Desktop computer or Laptop. The Game is not available for mobile or tablet download.

Zoe and Ned, Game Demo. To Play, download and install the game on your desktop or laptop computer.

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Step 1. Download the Zip File. 

Step 2. Locate the Zip File (is usually found in your downloads folder.) Right-click on the file, and “Extract” all of the Files. 

Step 3. Locate and right-click on the file  “Faithful Dash 3-26-19.exe”. The file path may look like this “Demo v2\Demo v2\Faithful Dash 3-26-19.exe” 

Step 4. Select the option to “open” the file. A window should pop up, with an option to play the game. 

Step 5. The controls are very simple. Press space bar to do a simple jump. Hold spacebar to do a long jump. 

See below to watch the full animation! Remember to take the survey after watching. Zoe and Ned Ninnivinny, Survey

Zoe does not like Ned Ninnivinny – not one bit! Can she learn to make peace with and even befriend her biggest enemy? Inspired by the story of Jonah.

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