If you are looking for a way to better help your audience visualize your ideas, consider having your concepts realistically modeled and rendered in High Definition 3d. Use these realistic models to create animations for an explainer video, a pitch deck, or even take it a step future by creating a Virtual Reality experience often used for training and simulations. These models can also be the basis for manufacturers to catch the vision and make blueprints for actual construction. The applications are plentiful, but most of all, it’s great for building confidence and trust in your audience.


Our Work

Our work speaks for itself. We take great pride in our ability to design mechanical, structural, environmental, and even organic assets. Furthermore, these assets can be coded to be fully interactive. If you have your own 3d assets, blue prints, or even pencil sketches, we can work with that too. Have more questions? Email us at sales@opendoorms.com.



Yes. We certainly can. We can make arrangements to have it delivered to our physical location, where we will take measurements and recreate it for you in 3D.

Some of the applications we use include Maya, Blender, 3DS Max, Unity and the Unreal.

We work with both startups and large firms. Our CEO Simon Matthews has 11 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, and has worked with inventors new to business and he has also developed manufacturing equipment for large companies such as General Motors, Zimmer Trabecular, Dolby Surround Sound, Caterpillar, Borg Warner, and more.

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