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Your ideas and projects have meaning, and here at Open Door we aim to support your creative endeavors from start to finish. From illustrations and animation, all the way to help with script or ghost writing, we have all the tools, expertise, and services you need to create that original piece of work that you will be proud to call your own AND share with the rest of the world.

About Us

We here at ODMS are passionate about larger-than-life projects that help bring creativity, meaning, and purpose to those around us. Our talented team of artists, animators, and writers can tackle any imaginative challenge you may have—we pride ourselves on the quality we bring to your project! You can expect exceptional professionalism, expertise, and valuable input when sharing your ideas with us.

Feature Services

Animation For Arts, Entertainment & Education

Play Video

When still images won’t do, use animation! If you have new and maybe ground-breaking ideas, choose this medium to captivate audiences while you express yourself through visuals that come alive.


Use illustrations to share your imagination with the world! Whether you are conveying cute and friendly or gritty and real, our award wining artists have the skillset to bring your imagination to a vibrant reality.

Character Designs

If your story calls for interesting and relatable characters, we will design a character who embodies your hero personality. We’ll walk you through every phase of the design process from concept to finalization. With your input and our vast skillset, your characters will come to life and help propel your vision and story to the masses.

Creative Writing / Ghost Writing

Solid writing is the foundation for every great story, but it’s also the step creatives struggle with the most. If you need someone to review your completed manuscript or write it from your notes, we are fully equipped to assist with writing for books, video games, movies, TV shows, and more.

Copy Writing

Marketing is a necessary component to all creative endeavors. Don’t let your passion project fade into the shadows. We apply our marketing expertise to create compelling messaging to stimulate demand for your finished work.

Children's Books / Graphic Novels

You have the idea, and you have the passion to share it with the world. Now you just need to bring that vision to reality. Choose Open Door, and you get a team of talented, detail-orientated, and imaginative artists who will complete your project on time and within budget.


Certainly! Because our systems and processes are so fine-tuned, we are equipped to help with both small and large projects.

Generally speaking, we do not have minimums because we offer a variety of services at different price points. We are however priced competitively for each of our services. It is best to contact us to get an estimate for the particular service you are inquiring about.

You’re in luck! Since we no longer require burnt offerings, the process is much simpler nowadays. Just give us a call at 757 689 7715, send us an email at sales@opendoorms.com, or instant message us through our chatbot, and we’ll guide you the rest of the way.

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