Presentation is key when trying to get funding for an invention or selling the finished product to consumers. No matter how great the idea, the inability to communicate to investors or consumers what your product is or what it does can kill a project before it even reaches the market.

     These are the key factors investors look before deciding to lend their support: a novel concept, evidence that the creator understands his or her own creation, seeing the product in action either physically or via simulations, and evidence of consumer interest (via crowd-funding campaigns or consumers purchasing a finalized version of the product). Coming up with the novel idea is your department; we at Open Door Media Solutions can take care of the rest with stunning marketing animations and product simulations.

     Animation, like no other media, has the ability to grab and hold attention. Studies show that the human brain can process graphics 60,000 times faster than text. In a time of information overload, this is critical because investors and consumers expect to understand your concept in seconds, not minutes. With animation, your message can be clearer, simplified with visuals and embedded in the minds of your audience.

     Another reason to use animation in your marketing and pitch presentations is that it isn’t not always practical or feasible to create physical models and demonstrations.

     Never miss out on a potential investor or customer again because of poor presentation. Schedule a free consultation now.

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