Courtesy of Meg Walker

Local Business Owner Shows How It's Done in Trying Times


It is time some unsung heroes in our communities receive some accolades. Because of these resilient people, there are fewer hurting families. Thank you, heroes!

We had the privilege of interviewing a nearby business owner whose heart is as big as her customers’ love of her food.

Meg Walker, the owner of All Mighty Meals of 1296 S. Battlefield Blvd, in Chesapeake, VA, is a sweet soul who works tirelessly to make sure her community feels loved and cared for. She uses her resources to reach out to those who may have recently lost their jobs by providing some relief from her kitchen.

A few years ago, her budding business started with a generous heart. She explained, “A friend who was a new mom asked me to cook for her to help maintain nutrition and keep up milk supply for [her] baby. She was a full-time teacher, had just gone back to work, and was stressing and eating horribly. I was helping to establish Redwood Smoke Shack food truck with my friend, Bob Roberts, who encouraged me to help her since I was only helping him two days a week.”

In the beginning, and after retiring from 25 years in dentistry, it took Meg time to become efficient at planning and cooking meals. “Slowly, other friends asked me to cook for them, too.”

Courtesy of Meg Walker

Meg had a calling for the next phase of her life: “One day I literally heard God tell me to take it public. I changed the plastic boxes to cardboard and began hand-writing scripture and positive quotes on every box. That same friend and her husband, who first asked me to cook for her, said God led them to invest in this business, and they gave me my first $500 to help get my website started. I’ve been at it for three years now, this last year in a commercial kitchen…”

All Mighty Meals depends heavily on the use of her website, created by Open Door Media Solutions, as most of her business comes from online orders. We asked Meg how her business has handled this season when many businesses have had to shut down. “Hallelujah! Volume has increased during this COVID crisis, thanks to God and the business model we have.”

“We are an internet-driven, take-out/meal prep for the entire week, one-stop pickup, and no grocery shopping needed service!”
Courtesy of Meg Walker

“The only adjustment we had to make, which was again God’s provision, was that we started using Sysco for deliveries at the beginning of February, which has been a blessing with keeping our supply and demand met.”

“My faith was tried when the shelter in place order was issued,” she admits. “Our sales dropped by half as people burned through what they had in their freezers and stock at home. Sales steadily climbed as people emptied their stores and were tired of cooking and planning.”

She never sacrificed quality or service. “In Jesus’ name, we will never cut corners. It’s not my business; it’s HIS. I’m just the steward. We are continually reevaluating our efficiency and coming up with better ideas. Streamlining? Yes. Corner-cutting? No.”

Businesses like Meg’s, which are taking online orders, need to find ways to reassure their customers that their quality standards have not changed. Meg’s kitchen is spotless and open. But with loose enforcement of regulations and low sales volumes, some businesses are tempted to cut corners. They should consider adding proof that they are maintaining the highest quality standards. Intentional marketing, through the use of a website and other venues, can help tremendously.

Meg continued, “See it’s not about the food, although excellent –

“It’s about spreading the light and love of Christ and positivity against growing darkness and doubt.”

That’s the mission; it’s just disguised as a really great meal prep service. Yes, we are helping people we know in need in the community by donating a week of food each week to someone in need: A tattoo artist, a massage therapist, a sound tech [for live venues], a bartender, and a waitress so far. I need a whole other blog for the God stories during this time!”

Any advice for business owners? “Cling to your reason for opening. If it’s faith, get deep in prayer and counsel with God. He works all this for the good of those who love Him. So, love Him!”

Meg Walker is one of many unsung heroes in our communities. Still, her faith and others-oriented mindset issue benevolence toward people in her sphere of influence and neighborhood. Be sure to visit her website and browse the delicious menu. You can also leave her a comment to show your support.

Meg Walker is just one of countless Christian entrepreneurs to use their faith and God-given skills to enrich and empower their communities, not to mention the whole world. Unfortunately, history textbooks tend to gloss over the impact of faith, so we are celebrating the individuals of history who changed the world by obeying the call of God.

Learn how a resilient woman of color and a compassionate Mennonite man became the titans of their industries because of  their love of Christ.

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